Just another sunrise for my weary eyes as I subside in drunken tides

My mind is ashore and ready to explore this new whore-eyes-on
My tip and philosophic dick-tion
No heat or streets can bring about my demise
I’ve spoken with folks that claim they’re wise, but really just rhetoricians in disguise
Words that loop and tear you down
Seeking your compromise
I know I won’t be broken so soon
It’s barely 5am and I’m drunk waiting until noon
Presumed to be dead in the minds of family and friends
Colleagues pretend to defend my referendum
To be alone
Honed into the zone
No longer fearing some drones
Just caught in just conversation about how to get home
Home…. A place where I guess we’re supposed to be..
Or maybe where we get a blessing
Torn between where I live and where I love
My vision is muddled by this mud
I trudge through fields of ambiguity
Steering clear of philosophical land minds
Bruh, this land is mine
It’s also yours and everybody else’s because that one song about manifest destiny
Truly the atrocity of all human beings
But it’s still something

Why does white permit such violence with so few repercussions
And hella silence?
Oh,,,… I called out your whiteness?
You gonna fight this?
Are you really that righteous?
Fuck a commissary, I need some bliss
The type of feeling you can never dismiss
An abyss of happiness and everything between
Floating in dreams and still ripping the seams of these jeans with my fat ass
Never weighed this much in the past
Hella meal plan swipes, so I never fast
I’ve added fruits and Cheetos to this concoction, but they all feel the same coming outta my ass like an auction
No aspirin to relieve this pain because it’s gross and somehow always left to drain
The window panes I stare at don’t feel the same pain
I’m on the verge of jumping because this liquor got me feeling insane
Bubble gum and jungle juice can’t be sustained…
Maybe if I take deep breathes of the indo and sedate my brain
I’ll be happy and fucked up
A literal definition that is a must
Cause the nana is tight and the glow of moonlight got me buck
One pump, two pump and that’s a bust
Temporary places fleeting me like I missed another bus
Hot tossed but still in a fuss
Finishing school like I’m riding in an armored truck
Don’t give no fucks about the people trying to shut me up
Support systems are momentary and even scary because they’re never enough
How can I succeed when my life has been supported by the institutional crux?
Divide and conquer your feelings and jump on that bus
Venture off to freedom and pretend like you still don’t give a fuck
Please be advised, these thoughts are just
Dispositions and daily thinking
Just make sure it doesn’t turn into anymore day drinking…

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