On bias

I am a first-generation Latino with an El Salvadorian mother and an absentee Mexican father. Growing up, English was spoken in our household as a way to survive the white world and spaces we would inevitably encounter. Spanish was spoken sparingly and is an evolving component of my journey to reclaim the identity politic I occupy today. I note this because as I encounter aspects of my family’s cultural background, a linguistic barrier often stifles me. I am working to enhance my Spanish and also working towards understanding methods for decolonizing my tongue and body. Together, all of these pieces of my identity also shape my biases in regards to what aesthetics resonate with me. I appreciate radical art, poetry, and music that aim to challenge and subvert the status quo. In designing this blog and the next few weeks of my life it is also important to mention that I am on the cusp of graduating from a predominately white liberal arts institution located in Southern Colorado. This geographic region and academic setting has largely contributed to my interests in Chicano/a literature, film, art, and various forms of expression. As I continue to learn, I will share my insights in a variety of mediums and look forward to connecting with anybody reading this blog!


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